There’s something so chic about animal print. Whether it’s part of somebody’s outfit or in their home, when I see animal prints, I automatically think the person 1) has a personality 2) should be my friend and 3) understands sex appeal.

Sex appeal? In my house? Yep! (Mom, don’t look!) A lot of people feel like they need to be conservative and go the “safe” route when they’re decorating. Can you say boring?! Add some fun, some personality and yes, sex appeal. Please and thank you. :)

The key to rocking animal prints in your place is to remember that a little goes a long way. Animal print is powerful and in most cases, one piece is enough (Or at least the same piece used throughout the room). I’m not going to say that you should never use more than one animal print in a room, but be very selective if you do. This is supposed to be your house, not the zoo. ;) Some animal prints can be, well… tacky. Think sophisticated.

Some examples that I think nail the look:

Have fun. Think BIG. Be nice to people.