To be honest, when people ask me to help them decorate their kitchen my first thought is NOT “My Favorite! Can’t wait!”. I typically think okay, how can I get them to have fun with this?

One simple way to take your kitchen from drab to fab is incorporating a cool backsplash. A lot of backsplashes can be fairly costly, but in my opinion, SO worth it! If you think outside of the box, you can severely cut costs, too.

Regardless of what material you choose to use, you always wants to make sure that it can easily be cleaned and can withstand water and grease getting all over it. Martha Stewart or not, this IS your kitchen we’re talking about!

Here’s some ideas that I love:

A few more options:

– Paintable wallpaper. Wallpaper that has an interesting pattern that you can paint any color that want.

– Hardware stores sell sheets of thin metal that has patterns imprinted in them as an inexpensive solution.

– Chalkboard paint is available in a variety of colors. Not your typical backsplash, but could be used for your own artwork, favorite quotes or to list today’s menu.

Another bonus: If you have an eye-catching backsplash, you can often get away with having less-than-dramatic cabinets and countertops, which can save you mucho.

What does your backsplash look like? I wanna hear about it!